Unique to SAMA MATS, the SAMA Floor Series is a range of economical solutions which provide optimal protection for fitness or weight training and create a professionally finished area where athletes are encouraged to focus and improve their abilities.

Fitness, Strength, Conditioning


Technical Features

✔ Excellent for health and safety
✔ Solution for every need and budget
✔ High quality, all new material
✔ SAMA's unique SURELock
✔ Affordable customization

Production Features

✔ Rich full colour options
✔ Excellent for interior design
✔ Low interest factory financing
✔ Very best in quality materials
✔ Excellent floor protection

Pro Fitness Floor, 20MM, 40MM

SAMA's Pro Fitness Floor is a unique high density foam flooring which is perfectly balanced for fitness, yoga, and kettle bells, while offering excellent stability, hardness, and optimal joint and floor protection. The foam sections easily interlock together and feature trim pieces for finishing. Each piece is reversible, doubling the life of the flooring, and features surface texture and full colour options on both sides. The SAMA Pro Fitness Floor is an excellent lightweight, no odour alternative to rubber flooring but is still economical and well rounded.

Pro Rubber Tiles, 50MM

A professional solution, SAMA Pro Series Rubber Tiles are made from high density, all new rubber material that has little to no odour and offers the very best protection. Each tile features a fine granule surface for maximum grip and SAMA’s unique SURELock connection system for easy installations without the need for framing. At 50mm thickness it is also perfectly levelled with our Pro MMA Mats.

Athletic Track, 13MM

SAMA's Pro Athletic Track systems are pre-fabricated and ready to install on delivery. Each track features a unique rubber core with enhanced rebound and shock-absorption characteristics for maximum joint protection compared to artificial turf surfaces and is also a more durable option with a longer service life. The rolls are quick and easy to install at 1.22m wide and 15-20m in length.

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