More than a Wrestling Mat, SAMA QuikFlex Pro is specifically designed for the training environment of modern MMA Gyms or BJJ Academies. Each mat features a unique foam design covered by an authentic tatami or smooth vinyl surface, the same fibre-embedded vinyl that is used on actual MMA or Grappling Mats. SAMA QuikFlex gives you the quick and easy installation of a roll out mat with the quality and durability of a tatami mat.

More than a Wrestling Mat


Technical Features

✔ Custom Lengths and Widths
✔ Unique foam design
✔ 50mm (2”) for max durability
✔ Dark Grey foam doesn’t show age
✔ Any colour you want

Production Features

✔ Exclusive to SAMA Mats
✔ Proprietary Design
✔ Tatami quality, no seams
✔ Quick installation
✔ Professional Finish

QuikFlex Pro MMA Mat

The 50mm (2”) QuikFlex Pro MMA Mats have been specifically designed for the needs of a modern MMA Gym that offers a variety of training programs in addition to a core program of BJJ or No-Gi Grappling. Working together, the upper foam core and vinyl cover offer a stable surface for Cardio, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai and provide traction for bare foot training while reducing mat burn during ground work. The lower foam core is designed to withstand the hardest throws and takedowns while maintaining its tensile strength and resisting pre-mature failure. Unlike a wrestling mat, QuikFlex Pro MMA Mats give you a training area that is specifically designed for your needs while providing a quick, easy, seamless installation that is comparable in durability to an MMA Mat.

QuikFlex Pro Grappling Mat

The 50mm (2”) QuikFlex Pro Grappling Mats are designed for BJJ Academies that want the quality, durability, and appearance of a Tatami Grappling Mat but also want the quick and easy installation of a flexible roll out mat. The foam core has been density-optimized specifically for BJJ; it provides a comfortable ground training surface while offering maximum protection during throws and takedowns. The smooth or authentic tatami vinyl cover works in conjunction with the upper portion of the foam core to provide superior traction for bare foot training while also minimizing mat burn during groundwork. With SAMA QuikFlex Pro Grappling Mats you get the best of both worlds, the easy installation of a wrestling mat with the durability and quality of a Tatami Grappling Mat.

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