Selected by Academy owners from coast to coast, SAMA Grappling Mats are designed and built for the modern Jiu-Jitsu academy. Each mat features a multi-density foam core perfectly balanced for absorbing the hardest throws and takedowns while also providing excellent all around cushioning for ground training. With SAMA Grappling Mats you can comfortably push your athletes to the max and know their health and your investment is well protected.

  • The UK's Top Selling Grappling Mat


Technical Features

✔ Easy expansions
✔ 2m x 1m or 1m x 1m
✔ up to 50mm thickness
✔ CFC and solvent free
✔ Custom colours available

Production Features

✔ Exclusive to SAMA Mats
✔ Proprietary Design
✔ Highest quality materials
✔ Quick installation
✔ Professional Finish

Grappling Starter Mat

The 25mm (1”) Grappling Starter Mat is great for academies whose core program is focused on beginner techniques, but who also require a mat that is suitable for Yoga and cardio training. It can accommodate a wide range of activities and is a more versatile, more durable alternative to puzzle mats or roll out mats. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for only the basics, SAMA Grappling Starter Mats offer you a flexible solution with professional quality.

Grappling Training Mat

The 40mm (1.5”) Grappling Training Mat is identical to the Pro Grappling Mat but with a thinner foam core. Each mat is constructed with only the highest quality materials and has been designed for academies with a core Jiu-Jitsu program who also incorporate Judo, Wrestling, and Cardio or Yoga classes. The multi-density foam core provides a firm and stable surface for standup while also cushioning throws and takedowns from athletes of all sizes. SAMA Grappling Training Mats offer you good protection and maximum durability.

Pro Grappling Mat

The 50mm (2”) Pro Grappling Mat is the go-to mat for BJJ Academies all across Canada. Each mat is constructed with only the highest quality materials and has been designed to withstand the rigorous environment of a modern BJJ training facility. The multi-density foam core accommodates the widest range of activities, providing a firm and stable surface for Judo, Wrestling, and MMA while cushioning the hardest throws and takedowns from athletes of all sizes. SAMA Pro Grappling Mats offer you maximum protection, maximum durability, and are the best all around investment for your gym.

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